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How to: Enter a Gift Transaction

Gift Transaction Dialog

Gift Dialog

After entering an account number that is set up as a gift account, you will see the Gift Transaction Dialog (Note: depending upon the status of the account entered, some of the buttons in the image above may not be visible). If the account has a non-zero balance, the dialog will automatically open in Deduct mode (the Deduct button will be darkened and the transaction amount field will be red).

Decuct Mode

Deduct Mode


The Gift Transaction Dialog will open in Add mode if the account has a zero balance (the Add button will be darkened and the transaction amount field will be green).

Add Mode

Add Mode


Click on the Add or Deduct button to change the mode of the dialog.


Adding or Decucting Funds

You can type an amount to add or deduct (depending on which button is darkened), and the New Balance field will be adjusted automatically as you type. The the program will not allow you to deduct more than the Previous Balance. If there is a POS code associated with the transaction, you can enter it in the POS Code field before clicking OK to complete the transaction.


Quick Access Buttons

The column of Quick Access Buttons on the right side of the dialog let you quickly enter default transaction amounts in this dialog with a single click. Clicking any of these buttons will enter the amount on the button in the transaction amount field. To create a new $50 gift card, for example, click on the 50 button, then click OK (a new gift account will have a zero balance, so the Gift Transaction Dialog will automatially open in Add mode).


Other Buttons

Show Loyalty: If the account is also set up as a loyalty account, the Show Loyaltybutton will be visible. Click this button to switch to the Loyalty Transaction Dialog.

History: This button provides access to the Transaction History dialog, which will list all gift transactions for the account. You may also reprint a transaction receipt for any previous transaction.

Awards Available: If the account is also set up as a loyalty account, and if any awards have been earned, the Awards Available button will be enabled. Click this button to display the list of available awards.

Account: This button opens the Account Demographics dialog, where you can update the customer's name, address, email, etc.

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