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How to: Adding New Users

Gava User Dialog

This dialog is used to add or edit employee logins. each employee who uses Gåva must hvae his or her own login. It is very important for the security features of the Gåva system that each user have a unique username and password. The three main sections of the User Administration dialog (User SelectorUser Details andPriveliges) have different functions, depending on whether you are adding, editing, or viewing employee records.


Browsing Employee Records

Click on any employee record in the User Selector to view the details for that user. The fields in the User Details area will be filled each time you click on a user (thepassword field will remain blank) and the Privileges list will show all active privileges for the user..


Adding and Editing Employees

Click the Add button to add a new employee, or the Edit button to edit an existing employee. The User Details section will be enabled, and you will be able to enter or change the employee's details. Username and password are required; first and last name are highly recommended (entering names for all of your employees will make keeping track of employee records and reading audit much easier).

privileges tree (closed)

The Privileges section will change into an expandable tree view (see left) when you are adding or editing employees. Employee privileges are grouped into sections (Accounts, Gift Accounts, Loyalty Accounts, Reporting and Administration). Checking the checkbox next to a section will enable or disable all of the privileges in that group. You can also control access at the individual privilege level by clicking the arrow to the left of a folder's checkbox.

Privilege Tree

The privileges available in the Accounts folder, for example (see right), include the ability to Createnew accounts, Modify existing accounts, andOverride expired accounts. Fully expanded, privileges tree looks like this:

  • Accounts
    • Create create new accounts
    • Modify change account details
    • Override override expired accounts
  • Gift Accounts
    • Sell add value to gift accounts
    • Redeem use gift accounts for purchases
  • Loyalty Accounts
    • Add Points add points to loyalty accounts
    • Redeem redeem points for awards
  • Reporting
    • Reports run summary reports
    • Audit run audit reports
    • Remote Reports (reserved for future use)
  • Administration
    • Settings modify program settings
    • User Admin access this dialog

When the employee information is correct, click the Save button, or click Cancel to abandon your changes.

The Active checkbox us used to enable or disable an employee account. Disabled employees will not be able to log into the Gåva system.

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