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How To: Installing the Online Balance Check (OBC)

Gåva gives you the ability to permit your customers to access account balance information directly from your website 24/7. To utilize this feature you will need to install the GåvaEL OBC script on your website. Installing the script does require advanced knowledge of scripting and website development. If you are unfamiliar with scripting we ask that you consult your website administrator/developer for assistance.

Due to the differing nature of web hosting accounts Gåva Systems is unable to provide installation support for this feature. In order to use the Balance Check feature provided by Gåva, your server must be capable of requesting data from an external web server and including the response in your page. There are a variety of available approaches, depending upon your server environment:

Servers running PHP 5.1 and above can use HttpRequest (provided by the HTTP extension) to accomplish this. If the HTTP extension is not installed, fopen (PHP 4 and above) can be used instead. Note that allow_url_fopen must be set to "true" in order to use the fopen method.

Newer IIS servers running .NET can use HttpWebRequest object to request balance information from the Gåva server. IIS servers running classic ASP (NT Server 4.0 and above) can use Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP").

The script and details about installation can be found at: www.GavaSystems.com/obc.pdf

The password to open this document is: gava123obc

Please refer to your setup email for your Company ID number.

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